Are you living the life of your dreams?

The profession of your dreams.

Financial abundance.

Healthy & in balance.

Fulfilling partnership.

Happy family.

Spirituality & Faith.

I live my Dream Life.

And I can help you bringing your dreams into NOW.

Neurographics connects neuro-science, psychology, Art & Healing.
Being a professional Neurographics-specialist, I have helped clients on Bali, in Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Germany, Mexico, Columbia & Perú gto come back into their power.

Using Neurographics we draw & paint your future.
The marker is our magical wand. You will be starting a deep quest into yourself. You’ll feel deeper & sense yourself better.
And your life will change.

(Interview in German language.)

I am offering Personal Coachings and from April also  Group sessions.

During the session we will draw neurographic lines, thus creating new neurons.
We will build new pathways & potentials!!
(This has been proven scientifically.)

You need no prior knowledge and you need not be an artist.
Regularly, Neurographics exceeds the expectations of my clients!!

Neurographics is FOR EVERYONE…


From mid April I will offer online Group sessions!!
Each week with a different topic and always life changing

Price per session:
Spring offer
85 US$ (before 115 US$)






1 session (2-3 hours online)
Energetic discharge, cleansing of old blockages, liberating new energies
195 US$

1 Session (2-3 hours online)
Realize what limits your powers  & open new spaces in your life
195 US$

1 Session (2-3 hours online)
Connect with the energy of your essence & your magical roots, sow the seeds for your new life
195 US$

1 Session (2-3 hours online)
Open the blossom of your magical power & come back into your balance
195 US$

1 Session (2-3 hours online)
Grow into your fullest power, draw the fruit of your dream future into your neurons. Activate the powers of your ancestors!
195 US$

(Interview in German language.)

I was born in Kazakhstan and – together with my parents – came to Germany with 16. 

Since 2015, together with Oliver Lionheart and our daughter we travel the world to create conscious documentaries and to learn from international Masters. I constantly stretch my limits (ice bathing, juice & dry fasting, sleep deprivation, Muy Thai-training, “Standing on nails“ with my Sadhu-Board, 1 year of Art school in Tepoztlán…)

I have also illustrated Olivers book “My angels are green” with my Art.

For over five years I learned from Shamans from Panamá, Columbia, Perú and Mexico.

2022/2023 I was trained at Neurographica-Institute of 
Pavel Piskarev (Psychology meets Art) in St. Petersburg and am now Neurographics specialist.

My sessions are in Russian, German, English & Spanish.

Tatjana Maria online…


Maybe you have seen the film ‚Black to Gold‘ of Oliver Lionheart? A daring project that led Oliver deep into his own shadows & far out of his comfort zone.

I was part of the project, helping Oliver with Neurographics. To find & dissolve his own blockages and find the ‚Golden Tribe‘.